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Thistle and Weed is a collaboration between the Terblanche and Wiid families established in 2015, led by Etienne Terblanche (Viticulturist) and Stephanie Wiid (Winemaker). Inspired by the encroaching weeds found amongst the vines grown in the Cape, Etienne and Steph draw parallels between thistles and weeds and the uncompromising tenacity and survival skills of grapevines. Together, they set out to discover the best of the Cape’s hidden gems, intent on crafting honest wines that are made with a deep connection to nature and offer the most simple expression of the terroir from which they come.

The vineyards lie at the heart of what we are trying to achieve. They offer us the opportunity to showcase the unrivalled beauty and sheer expanse of the Cape, our home. Working closely with a handful of growers we’ve set out to uncover some extraordinary parcels. Each parcel has its own rhythm and special community of weeds.


Ultimately the plants naturally occurring in a place tell you a lot about the history, soil, climate and season.


By combining the long-established local knowledge of growers and expert vineyard management techniques we aim to harness the best of each vintage.

NIEUW: Thistle & Weed 2022 release - meer info

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