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Draaiboek means ‘script’ in Afrikaans. A script is a story come to life, given meaning through the character’s performance and words spoken. In our books, every wine comes bottled with its very own script. An unedited narrative drafted by years spent in the vineyard, sculpted by changing seasons and nurtured by caring hands.

The result is a tale that captivates each drinker on a unique adventure into one’s inner imagination. A fantastical land where life is simple and possibilities are endless. It also stirs memories of past travels, moments shared with friends and good food.

It was with exactly this honest intention to express one’s creativity that a group of friends came together to craft Draaiboek Wines. After meeting at Stellenbosch University, everyone eventually headed out to write their own stories. Yet, despite different borders and time zones, they always checked in with every changing chapter of their lives.

Now, after many years of friendship, the characters have come together once again to produce Draaiboek Wines. Born out of a love for wine and the stories that it tells, Draaiboek Wines invite you to approach each wine like the blank pages of a book yet unwritten. What story will you tell?

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