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Minimalist Wines 2022


Sam Lambson's mission is to create top cool climate Syrahs. He received much recognition and praise for his Stars in The Dark Syrah, an expression of the 'Koffieklip', or coffee stone (or Ferricrete, as it is known to geologists) of Cape Agulhas. His latest creation, No Place Like Home, comes from slate and sandstone areas in Elgin.

The Minimalist Stars in the Dark Syrah 2022 comes from the cold Agulhas. There is little rain, the wind blows continuously and the shallow, layered shale and coffee cliff strewn soils make for poor soils. The ripening season is cool and long, but with their deep roots, these tenacious Syrah vines bear tiny, concentrated berries with electric, natural acidity. The 2022 is pure, clean with a tight underlying minerality with pronounced pepper notes.

The Minimalist No Place Like Home 2022 comes from the cool Elgin valley. This is slightly fuller than the stars in the dark, with dark fruit and more floral notes. Harmonious tannins that build gently in the mouth with juicy dark fruit in the finish.

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