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In the year 2000 the small farm, that was to become Kleinood, was very different from what it is now. Although its inherent natural beauty and charm was always there, it was, sadly, just a run down and neglected little fruit farm in a beautiful valley against a backdrop of majestic mountains and a river running through it. But it stole the owners' hearts and they decided to give it their best.

Their viticultural philosophy aims to express the best their vineyards have to offer. One of the practices that support this philosophy is to divide the farm into individual vineyard blocks. Each half-hectare block on the farm is managed as a separate unit that allows the grapes from each unit to be cared for, irrigated, harvested, crushed, fermented and matured in wood separately.

Grapes are selected in the vineyards on a regular basis from the start of veraison, with as many as five passes conducted before being hand-harvested into small picking boxes. 

Annual infrared surveys of the vineyards, to determine vigour and ripeness of different areas in each block, enables us to pick the grapes at exactly the right times – the essence for making Tamboerskloof wines.

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